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Gastos de envío desde 3,30€! 📦

Apres Rops

ISBN 1848618395

Autor: David Hackbridge Johnson

Editorial: Shearsman Books

Páginas: 26

Idioma: eng

Publicado: 04/08/2023

Alto: 216.00 mm

Ancho: 140.00 mm

Lomo: 1.58 mm

Acabado: Tapa Blanda


Félicien Rops (1833-1898) was a Belgian artist, primarily a print-maker. He was a friend of Baudelaire, Gautier, Mallarmé and Péladan. His work - symbolist and decadent in tone - retains its shock value over a century later. In a sequence of poems inspired by Rops’ etchings and peppered with ill-translated fragments plundered from old exhibition catalogues, Hackbridge Johnson wrenches the daring reprobate into the 21st century where he is surely needed to puncture the hypocrisies of a discredited age.