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Not So Ill with You and Me

ISBN 1848614381

Autor: Fani Papageorgiou

Editorial: Shearsman Books

Páginas: 100

Idioma: eng

Publicado: 29/05/2015

Alto: mm

Ancho: 140.00 mm

Lomo: 6.08 mm

Acabado: Tapa Blanda


Fani Papageorgiou’s collection When You Said No, Did You Mean Never? (Shearsman Books, 2013) won the Hong Kong Poetry Prize and has since been published in Spanish translation by Bartleby Editores, Madrid. Her poems and book reviews have appeared in various magazines in the USA and the UK.

Comments on the author’s previous collection:

"The poems are intense but enigmatic, as if they were seared in with a damaged branding iron. [...] Fani Papageorgiou’s disconcerting and magnetic

first book ... reminds us (and as Dionne Warwick once observed), a house is not a home; it’s always just a little unfamiliar, just slightly beyond our

easy occupation. Which is precisely what draws us to the door, to the briefly lighted windows." -David Orr, New York Times Book Review

"I greatly enjoyed the mental acrobatics I had to perform in order to keep up with the leaps of imagination from one line to the next within the

poems. I look forward to reading more of Papageorgiou’s work." -Dzifa Benson, Tears in the Fence